• The institution’s primary mission, to provide advanced education and to contribute in the development and/or farther current knowledge in the different fields it offers and, ultimately, to extend assistance to its immediate community; is materialized in its research, extension and production enterprise development programs. In its aim for excellent instruction, the institution advances itself through research and development in the areas of applied sciences and technology, engineering, environment and natural resources, socio-economics, education, health, food and nutrition, industrial technology, and information and communication technology. Along with these activities which generate knowledge and technology to enhance academic programs, the institution also provides extension services through different projects and activities which focus on information dissemination, technology promotion and commercialization, community outreach, and providing trainings on technological skills enhancement which are hope to uplift the quality of life of its immediate community. The institution also engages in various instruction-related income generating projects.
    •  These IGP’s provide facilities and technologies necessary for the development of the skills among students, researchers, expansionists, entrepreneurs, and other interested individuals. Under the REPED Office, the College is armed with four (4) strategic centers which integrates research, extension, production and entrepreneurship in support of the DOST’s National Innovation System or Filipinnovation, where a creation and expansion of skills, to address “society’s needs” and “cutting edge future needs” are found.
  • A. Center for Applied Science, Technology Innovation & Commercialization.
    • The Center spearheads patenting, licensing, and other commercialization support to BISCAST Faculty and students’ innovation and entrepreneurship efforts. It also work closely with companies and industries to design and develop customized solutions suited to their needs.
  • B. Regional Business Resource Center.
    • A one-stop resource center for the latest information on industries and organizations. It has a collection of Regional and Country reports, case studies, researches, books and publications on trends and development. It also serve as a Training Enterprise for students trained in business and business research processes.
  • C. Center for Industrial Attachment Program.
    • It oversees the Industrial Attachment Program or OJT where students in their final academic year are sent to industry for short working stints. There, they will work on real-life industry-based projects, and apply what they have learnt in class to a real work environment.
  • D. Foreign Language Center.
    • The Foreign Language Center is an academic unit that provides short foreign language training (Nihongo, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, etc.) for students and professionals.

Call for Proposals 2016

The Research, Extension, Production & Enterprise Development (REPED) division is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for 2016 funding.

Proposals must be aligned with the BISCAST REPED Agenda and Priority Thrust:

  1. Application of Science and Technology to Industries in Bicol (Solutions to Enhance Productivity and Competitiveness),
  2. Innovative Product Design, Packaging and Promotion;
  3. Development of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources and Devices;
  4. New and Emerging Industries for Social and Equitable Society;
  5. Industry, Education, Training, Management and Human Resource Development;
  6. Industrialization of Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry and
  7. Environmental Protection, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Management.

Research Category: 

  • Innovation/Technology/Applied Research
  • Basic research
  • Strategic Research
  • Action Research
  • Creative works

Extension Modality

  • Technology Transfer and Utilization
  • Livelihood Training Program
  • Capability Enhancement
  • Technical Assistance and Consultancy
  • Information Dissemination and Packaging
  • Community Outreach Program


  • Product Development
  • Enterprise Development
  • Demonstration Project



Capsulated Research Proposal  |  December 14, 2015
Detailed Research Proposal  | January 15, 2016


Extension Project/Program Proposal  |  January 18, 2016    

Production & Enterprise Development:

Product Development/Production Proposal  |  January 18, 2016
Enterprise Development Proposal/Business Plan  | January 18, 2016
Parallel In-house Review and Evaluation  |  2nd week of February

Notification of Approved Capsulated Research Proposal will be received by the proponent 3 to 5 days after the deadline to proceed with the preparation of Detailed Research Proposals which is due for submission in January 2016.

All proposals must be submitted in electronic and hard copies to the REPED In-house Review Secretariat.  Kindly submit the a printed copy of the proposal using A4 paper (8.27” x 11.69”) portrait format and also email the same at reped@biscast.edu.ph  

All proposals must conform using the templates downloadable from this link:

www.adal.biscast.edu.ph (Sign in with assigned webportal account, and go to REPED course)

For more information, contact the REPED In-house Review Secretariat, REPED building, Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology
Telephone: (54) 472-0416 local 145 | E-mail: reped@biscast.edu.ph
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