Theme: “NextGen Eco-Lid Design Challenge”

“Let’s LID it this way…..let’s CAP the day the eco-way.”



 The 1st Design Challenge is a product design contest launched which primarily aims to address the needs of selected emerging SMEs through concept designing and 3D-printing . On its pilot run, the contest focus will be on developing a JAR LID and SEAL for packaging food products to ensure their freshness. Presently, single use-plastics are being utilized to seal metal or plastic covered jars.  Awareness of the SMEs on the call for reduction of utilizing single-use plastics lead them to seek alternatives for a more eco-friendly product packaging.

 BISCAST and DOST being supporters of the SMEs have once again partnered to provide an avenue to stimulate innovation in order to address the needs on product packaging and at the same time  provide students the opportunity to apply their creativity in solving real industry problems. This contest will be part of the 2019 RSTW/BRICE.

 The contestants are expected to design and develop a prototype of the jar lid and seal. This contest may also provide an opportunity for the winning entry to be patented and utilized by the SMEs.


 1. The contest is open to all College students who are Filipino citizens residing in the Bicol Region.

 2. Each college or university may submit a maximum of three (3) teams/entries. The team shall be composed of three (3) to five (5) members.

 3. The team should be duly endorsed by the school wherein the contestants are students. The endorser can either be the dean of the college or the president of the college or university.

 Requirements and Mechanics

1. The interested participants must attend the Launching and Orientation to be conducted by the organizers. The orientation will be held on September 30, 2019 at the BISCAST-MANFABLAB, BISCAST, Peñafrancia Ave., Naga City. The orientation will include the detailed instructions of the design challenge, overview of the MANFABLAB, MSME problem and site visit to the MSME.

 2. Contestants are required to submit the following through the online submission system not later than 5:00 pm on October 3, 2019 (link: .

 2.1. Completely filled-up online Form No. 1 – Registration Form

 2.2. Form No. 2 – Endorsement by the College/University

 2.3. Product Design in PDF format

 3. All submissions will be pre-screened for compliance to the requirements stated in item 3.2. All documents submitted are subject to final examination by the Board of Judges.

 4. Compliant entries will be pre-judged. The Board of Judges will select the Top 5 Finalists who will print and present their design during the contest proper.

 5. The Top 5 finalists selected during the pre-judging will present their design entries before the Board of Judges during the Design Pitching.

 6. After the final iterations of their design entries, the Top 5 finalists’ design will be printed in the BISCAST-DOST MANFABLAB using 3D printers for the fabrication of their prototypes. Finalists must bring the electronic file copy of their design on the contest proper. (specifications of e-file format will be given during the Launching and Orientation).

 7. The printed prototypes will be on display during the duration of the 2019 RSTW/BRICE exhibit where they will be voted on by the guests.

Important Dates

1. Release of Contest Mechanics :                            September 25, 2019

2. Deadline of Submission of Confirmation :           September 27, 2019

3. Launching and Orientation :                                    September 30, 2019

4. Submission of Registration and Product Design (Online) : October 3, 2019

5. Prejudging :                                                                 October 4, 2019

6. Notification of Top 5 Finalists :                                October 4, 2019

7. Design Pitching for the Top 5 Finalists :                 October 5, 2019

8. Contest Proper :                                                          October 8-10, 2019

      8.1. 3D Printing :                                                        October 8-9, 2019

      8.2. Final Judging and Awarding :                          October 10, 2019


 Judging and Criteria

 1. Judging shall be based on the following criteria:

              Functionality                                                                              40%

              Originality/Novelty                                                                    40%

              For Pre-Judging-Eco-friendly design

              For final Judging-Presentation and Demonstration             20%

                                                                               TOTAL                        100%  


A special award will be given to the entry which has the most number of likes during the exhibit.

2. The Board of Judges shall be constituted by the organizers. The judges will be coming from DOST, BISCAST, Product Design Expert, Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce, and SME.

3. The decision of the Board of Judges shall be final and unappealable.

Announcement / Awarding of Prizes

1. Three (3) regional winners shall be selected. In case of a tie, the Board of Judges shall break the tie and declare only three regional winners.

 2. All regional winners shall receive a cash incentive and certificate of recognition during the Awarding and Closing Ceremonies of the 2019 RSTW/BRICE .

          1st Place                     –           Php 7,000.00

          2nd Place                    –           Php 5,000.00

          3rd Place                     –           Php 2,500.00

3. All regional winners shall receive an assistance from the DOST in the patenting, utility model registration, or industrial design registration of their product design, whichever is applicable.






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