Officers and technical personnel from the Local Government of Canaman underwent training on the Design and Construction of the BISCAST Low-Cost House Building Technology with the purpose of building an emergency shelter for its municipality in 2019.  The LGU of Canaman and BISCAST initially held formal discussions and signed an agreement last year on the proposed cooperation, in line with the municipality’s program for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Organized by the BISCAST Urban Nexus Team, the workshop last 29-30 April 2019, aimed to promote the technology to the personnel of the LGU’s technical divisions.  During the workshop, the primary goal of enabling low-income urban dwellers to acquire their own home to improve their living conditions was underscored in connection with the construction of the Climate Change Resilient Pilot House (CCRPH) in BISCAST.  In addition, the shelter addresses concerns relative to affordability, climate change resilience, and green building.

Information on the CCRPH low-cost building technology, construction and the processes for the fabrication of different hollow concrete blocks and pre-cast beams specifically designed and utilized for the construction of the CCRPH were presented at the workshop, capped by a demonstration of the fabrication of the blocks and beams. The following day, the participants were given the chance to produce the various blocks and the pre-cast beam, which is the main goal of the training.


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