BISCAST, Naga City – Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Secretary Fortunato T. Dela Peña graced the launching of BISCAST’s Manufacturing and Fabrication Laboratory (ManFabLab) yesterday, August 8.

Dela Pena led the College’s new milestone highlighting the administration and the DOST’s hope that the ManFabLab will create opportunities among students to become entrepreneurs with great ideas.

He said, “Our mission, as what President Duterte wants, is to ensure that those areas in the countryside will also benefit from the ‘Build, Build, Build’ program of the government.”

Dela Pena also mentioned that he is optimistic about ManFabLab because it will create opportunities in the community by encouraging entrepreneurs to be more innovative and productive.

Meanwhile, BISCAST President Dr. Richard H. Cordial said he considers ManFabLab as a milestone because it changed the landscape of the usual academic routine.

He said this project bears multi-faceted benefits which can be used not only by students and teachers but even by small micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Cordial said, “We are going to share ManFabLab. Meaning, we are not interested in business. We have no intention of profiting from this facility.”

He explained that the facility is expected to produce patents, licenses; and to provide other commercialization support to BISCAST faculty and students’ innovation.

DOST Regional Director Tomas Briñas, who is the brain behind ManFabLab, said he is happy that the project is now realized.

“BISCAST is the most dynamic, agile and perceptive institution and you deserve this project,” Brinas said.

According to Brinas, he asked Cordial to think of a strategy that will make BISCAST stand out as an applied science and technology institution and he is glad that the BISCAST President was very agile to bring out ideas like ManFabLab.

The Naga City Local Government Unit (LGU) on the other hand showed its support too, as Mayor John Bongat reassured the extension of the partnership with the institution.

Bongat said, “I believe the most qualified higher educational institution to hold this kind of project is BISCAST because of its very name, how it develops young scientists and how they apply sciences and technology in improving the capacity of students and of the people.”

He added that the ManFabLab will not just be another laboratory but will be one of the reasons for boosting the city’s economy.

ManFabLab has 3D printer, machines for milling metals and wood, computerized embroidery machine, laser cutter, and equipment, which are not available in an ordinary shop.