Pre-registration for 1st semester enrollment for freshmen and transferees is now ongoing and ends on May 11, 2018.

College(s)/Course(s) with exam results available for pre-registration:

A. College of Engineering and Architecture

  1. Bachelor of Science in Architecture
  2. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering
  5. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

B. College of Education

  1. Bachelor in Elementary Education
  2. Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in
    a. English
    b. Mathematics
    c. Physical Science
  3. Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education Major in Home Economics
  4. Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education Major in
    a. Food Service Management
    b. Garments Fashion Design

C. College of Arts and Sciences

  1. Bachelor of Physical Education Major in Sports and Wellness Management
  2. Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing
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