On July 2017, the school has completed the Refurbishment of Stage at the Student Pavilion. The construction started on April 17, 2016, utilizing the budget amounting to Php 4,008,539.00. The Refurbishment of Stage at Student Pavilion project is a component of the renovation of the student pavilion which started last 2013.

The student pavilion is the main venue of the institutional and major events of BISCAST. It is a witness to several milestones of the institution. Popular personalities have stepped on our “stage” which serves as a pulpit so people will be able to listen and see them.

As such, BISCAST has come up with a solution to enhance the welfare services to students and employees particularly when hosting events at the pavilion. The institution believes that the refurbishment of the stage at student pavilion is tantamount to the delivery of quality institutional activities that is therefore beneficial in boosting the school’s image.

BISCAST sees this project as a potential source of income generation. Aside from being more affordable than other event venues, the BISCAST student pavilion is more accessible.

The design and construction of stage also adopted the Green Building Initiatives which the institution religiously promotes. Thus, the harmful environmental effects can be minimized.

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