BISCAST’s construction of gender-Sensitive Restroom Facility is evidently one of the liberal steps towards protecting the rights of the LGBT community in the campus. This is to make the campus more progressive and foster inclusive principles of gender equality.

As provided in CMO No. 1, series of 2015, BISCAST, as a public higher education institution, is mandated to institutionalize gender equality, and gender responsiveness and sensitivity. BISCAST is expected to provide ways on how to enable mechanisms that will establish the integration of the principles of gender equality in the trilogical functions of higher education and the highlight of GAD initiatives, including projects and activities.

The Gender and Development Office – as the proponent and Physical Planning Office for the pre-planning, design and execution phases – aims that this Gender-Sensitive Restroom Facility will achieve a gender-sensitive organization for BISCAST. Hence, this will stop gender-based discrimination among students and stakeholders.

The project was funded through the 5% of the MOOE with a total of Php 1,164,979.39 pesos was utilized from the General Appropriations Act (GAA) appropriated to BISCAST.

The first phase of the construction started on June 22, 2016, and was completed on September 4, 2016.

With this gender-sensitive communal centralized restroom facility on the campus, it is expected that the gender-based discrimination experienced by members of the LGBT especially in the use of restrooms and bath facilities will be prevented.

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