BISCAST, Naga City – Hundreds of researchers and guests attended in the successful 2nd PROUDLY BISCAST: A Trade and Techno Expo 2017 held last November 15-16 at the LRV Pavillion, Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology (BISCAST).

This two-day activity was conducted by the Research, Extension, Production and Enterprise Development (REPED) and was participated by groups of CIT and COE student researchers, CEA student and faculty researchers and CAS student innovators.

The Techno Expo served as an avenue for students and faculty members to disseminate their research outputs, to enhance their skills in packaging and to present their products to the public.  It also became an opportunity to scout research outputs for possible patent applications and commercialization.

REPED believed that the activity has encouraged participants to share their research outputs that will improve quality of life. Moreover, the PROUDLY BISCAST has helped them in deciding the appropriate utilization of their research outputs, either to be filed for registration with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) or for commercialization.

Deanna Regnim, Director of REPED said that as part of their vision to promote innovation, they will continue to conduct activities like PROUDLY BISCAST to showcase creation and expansion of skills that would address the needs of the society.

Said activity was held along with the celebration of the College Charter Anniversary.

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