The administration of the College shall be vested in the President of the College who shall render full time service.  He shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees, upon the recommendation of a duly constitued search committee.  He shall have term of (4) years and shall be eligible for reappointment for another term.

He shall be assisted by a vice president for academic affairs who shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees upon the former's recommendation without prejudice to the appointment of more than one vice president when so warranted.

In case of vacancy by reason of death, resignation, removal for cause or incapacity of the President to perform the functions Officer-in-charge pending the appointment of a new president.

In case of vacancy in the Offie of the President as mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph, his successor shall hold office for the unexpired term. (Section 6, RA 8292)



There shall be an Administrative Council consisting of the President of the College as Chairman, the vice presidents, dean, directors and other officials of equal rank as members, and whose duty is to review and recommend to the Board of Trustees policies governing the administration, management and development planning of the College for appropriate action (Sec 9, RA 8292)



There shall be an academic council with the President of the College as Chairman and all members of the instructional staff with the rank of not lower than assistant professor as member.

The academic council shall have the power to review and recommend the curricular offerings and rules of discipline of the College subject to appropriate action of the Board of Trustees.  It shall fix the requirements for the admission of students as well for graduation and the conferment of degrees subject to review and/or approval by the Board of Trustees through the President of the College.

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